BHU-NAKSHA, a comprehensive tool, is to cater all basic necessities of Patwari with regard to parcel map management; and therefore, it is meant for authorized officials of States/UTs.

About Bhu-Naksha

Computerisation of Land Records has been in practice for quite some time now and various states have already made significant headway in this regard. While Record Of Rights (RoR) data has been converted to electronic form by many states long back, the preservation and manipulation of Parcel maps on electronic media had been eluding due to cost and technology constraints till recent past. Though some states have taken initiative in this matter the solution provided by them was limited to scanning and printing the maps or generating the MIS reports based on digitized maps. The real need was to have a mechanism not only to store and secure the digitized maps but also to edit them to reflect the actual changes arising out of mutations. National Informatics Centre ( Department of Electronics & Information Technology), Land Records Information Systems Division (LRISD) With directions of Department of Land Resources (Ministry of Rural Development, Gvt. of India) , NIC HQ has come up with a comprehensive tool named BHU-NAKSHA to cater to all basic necessities of Patwari with regard to parcel map management.

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